Health Resources & Guest Speakers

Choosing Health Resources

Along with the resources on this website, there are many other sexual health education resources for teachers. It’s important to choose resources that are comprehensive, evidence‑based and use instructional methods proven to support positive behavioural change. One tool to guide teachers and school administrators about which resources to use is the Guide for Choosing School Health Resources. This resource helps schools choose high quality health and wellness resources that will meet their identified needs.

Guest Speakers

If choosing to involve a guest speaker to reinforce and support the curriculum outcomes:

  • Check with your school district first to see if there are policies, guidelines, regulations and/or procedures when using guest speakers.
  • Ensure the guest speaker provides comprehensive sexual health information in their presentation that aligns with the curriculum and classroom goals.
    • Comprehensive sexual health education includes age-appropriate, scientifically accurate information on a broad set of topics related to sexuality, including human development, relationships, decision making, abstinence, STIs, birth control and safer sex
    • Although teaching about abstinence is a component of comprehensive sexual health education, abstinence-only programming is not a form of comprehensive sexual health education, and evidence has shown it is  not effective.  

Alberta Health Services provides classroom education in some zones. To learn what’s offered in your area, go to Services by Zone.

Please note that Alberta Health Services does not keep a list of approved guest speakers for schools. Alberta Health Services defers to each school board/jurisdiction to choose their guest speakers.


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